On Air Festival
ON AIR Festiavl
Can I attend all of On Air Festival concerts if I have a wristband?
With a wristband you can attend all of the On Air Festival concerts which take place at Bemowo Airport.
What is not allowed to be brought to the event?
It is not allowed to bring into the event:
  • cameras, audio and video recording equipment, photographic equipment that can be used professionally, including cameras with interchangeable optics, and cameras with optical zoom above 6x
  • tripods, and selfiesticks
  • drones
  • large umbrellas with pointed metal or wooden tips
  • skateboards, hoverboards, roller skates etc.
  • drinks and food, with the exception of people whose health condition requires a specialized diet confirmed by a medical certificate
  • large backpacks, as well as bags larger than 11.4 cm x 16.51 cm
  • alcohol or drugs
I can't make it to the event, can I return my ticket or sell it?

No, tickets for events can't be returned or resold (incl. offering them as prizes in contests, loteries, bonus sales or any other promotions, even if they are free of charge).

Legal basis: Art. 38 pt 12 Customer's Rights Act of 30 May 2014

Can I buy a ticket from someone?

No, the ticket authorizing to enter the Event must be original, purchased in accordance with the provisions of https://followthestep.com/pl/regulamin/

A ticket purchased in breach of the regulations may be canceled by the Organizer. We warn you that buying tickets from third parties carries the risk of buying a counterfeit ticket, which in turn results in the refusal to exchange the ticket for an ID and admission to the event.

I have bought several tickets - all of them have my name and surname. Will the other people for whom tickets have been purchased enter the event without any problems?
Yes, all of the people that the tickets have been purchased for will be able to enter the event, as long as their tickets won't be scanned before. It is important that you, and the people that you have bought the tickets for, will be entering the event with you. Every single ticket has an unique barcode, which entitles one to enter the event once.
Are minors allowed to the event?

Are minors allowed to the event? Minors, who have not turned 16 can attend the concert by themselves as long as they obtain a valid ticket and ID. Lack of ID causes denied entry to the concert.

Minors under 16 years of age can attend the concert only under supervision of an adult and under their responsibility. Both the minor and the guardian need to have tickets.

Guardians are required to have a filled out declaration (template - declaration of the minor's guardian). Having or filling in the form on site does not entitle a minor under the age of 16 to enter the event area by themselves.

I'm not 16 yet, can I attend the concert by myself?

Unfortunately no, young music fans under the age of 16 can't attend the event by themselves. Their participation in a concert is possible only with an adult guardian.

❗️ Guardians are required to have a filled out declaration (template - declaration of the minor's guardian). Having or filling in the form on site does not entitle a minor under the age of 16 to enter the event area by themselves.

Children under age of 6 (children who on the day of the event won’t turn 6) can attend the event free of charge.

We recommend that the youngest at the festival wear mute headphones.

You can buy them at the ON AIR in the MARKET zone.

Prents and guardians – remember to take a document confirming the name, surname and age of the young music fan to the event. Children can come to the concert only with an adult guardian and with protective headphones! Guardians of children under age of 16 are required to have a filled out declaration (template - declaration of the minors guardian).

❗️Guardians of children under age of 16 are required to have a filled out declaration (template – declaration of the minor’s guardian).

Should I print a digital copy of a ticket?

Let's protect forests! At the gate of the event you can show your ticket in a digital form, f.i. on your smartphone.

We don't accept photos of tickets or screenshots of digital tickets.

Does the guardian of a disabled person need to buy a ticket as well?

Yes, whenever a disabled person wants to attend the event with a guardian, each of them need to buy a ticket.

Will separate sectors for disabled people be provided?

We put a lot of effort into making each of our events fully accessible to all our guests. If on the

If there are no marked spots specifically prepared for people in wheelchairs on the audience plan, please buy any ticket, and our staff at the event will show you safe places for people with disabilities.

i purchased festival pass but didn't get a confirmation. what to do?
We’re waiting for payment to be approved by your bank. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. Don’t worry – if you still didn’t recive an email after 24h (on working day) please contact us at tickets@followthestep.com.
can I cancel ticket purchase and get a refund?
No. Customer’s rights does not give a right to return any cultural event tickets.
i wanna buy a ticket but an error occurred. what to do?
Please send over error details to tickets@followthestep.com. If possible, attach a screenshot. Well do our bests to help you out!
do I need to print a electronic ticket?
Yes, please print your electronic ticket in order to make verification process faster.
should I bring an ID?
Surely! Keep in mind your own safety and take an ID with you. Also, we might ask you to show your document as a proof of age. More info about the matter can be found in terms&conditions.
can I take different identity confirmation?
Yes! If you don’t have an ID card, please take other document confirming your identity such as a passport or a student card.
can an underaged person attend festival?

All persons under 16 years old must be under the custody of an adult guardian at the Event area (more info in the terms&conditions).

Guardians are obliged to fill in an adequate declaration.

Holding or filling in the form by an underaged person does not give the minor under 16th year of age the right to independently enter the event area.

should I get to the festival well in advance?
We recommend you to arrive to the venue with advance as thousands of other music fans are getting there too! Planning the last minute trip might make you miss the concert of your favourite artist. We suggest arrival around 2h prior chosen artists show.
can pregnant women enter the festival site?
Yes! There will be special areas on the festival site, which apart from the persons with disabilities, can be also used by the pregnant women. Due to the nature of the event (i.a. the volume of the sound and the number of participants, especially near the stage area) we ask the future mums to think over their participation in the festival thoroughly.